Saving Pea Seeds

Pea seeds are really easy to save, for planting out next year – assuming you remembered not to munch the lot over the summer! 😉

They pollinate themselves, so don’t easily cross-breed with other peas. This means that the seeds from your favourite plants should grow the same type of plants next year (not the case with runner beans or many other types of seed!). This makes peas a great plant for beginners, starting out on their seed saving journey. It’s even easier than saving bean seeds. Here’s a guide to saving pea seeds.

How to save pea seeds:

  1. Pick some of your healthiest plants and let some of the seed pods develop until the pods (and seeds) are dried.
    It’s really important not to choose plants that show sign of disease or poor seed development, or you’ll risk breeding these traits into your crop next year!
  2. Once the seed pods are dry, pick them and – if needed – lay on a mesh in the sun / greenhouse for a few days, to make sure they’re properly dried out.
    The last thing you want is to come back next March and find your peas have rotted…
  3. Pop the peas out of the pods and store in an envelope, in an airtight container, over the winter.
    See the top tips below, for how to stop them going mouldy.

Two Top Tips For Seed Saving:

  • Label the envelope well! Include the variety (if known), when you planted them and any other useful notes. Winter is great at making the memory of summer plants go hazy!
  • If you buy anything that has those “silica gel” sachets in, keep them and pop them in the box / tin you store your seed envelopes in. This helps absorb any moisture or condensation and can help prevent rotting and mould – very handy!

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